If your motor policy provides comprehensive cover then the standard wording on your certificate will be something like:

‘Provided the policyholder is 25 or over, and not employed in the motor trade, he/she may also drive, with the owner’s permission, a car not belonging to, nor hired or leased to them or their partner.

Provided that the person driving holds a licence to drive the vehicle or has held and is not disqualified from holding or obtaining such a licence, and is driving on the policyholders order or with his permission’

This will provide an extension of cover to allow you to drive someone elses vehicle and should be viewed as an emergency cover only. Although your policy may be comprehensive this extension provides third party cover only so any damage caused to the vehicle you are driving will not be covered.

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If I have a commercial vehicle policy will I have the same cover?

No. Because the vehicle is often driven by many drivers i.e. the policy may provide cover for any driver over 25, then the exposure to insurers is deemed to be too high to include the extension as part of the standard policy cover.