Get automatic alerts

If a service provider is reported to CQC for any reason i.e. a safeguarding issue CQC will put a note at the top of their webpage stating that the service is under investigation which then means that an inspection will be carried out.

If you sign up for web alerts then in the event that CQC put the note on their web page you will automatically receive instant notification via an email.

How do I do this?

Simply log on to CQC website and log on to your service name – at the top right hand side of this page you will see “Sign up for Alerts” – click on this and it will enable you to input your e-mail address, you can put as many e-mail addresses in as you wish, but you will need to repeat the process to do so.

You will now have prior warning that your service has been reported and an inspection is to be carried out. This will provide you with the maximum notice that an inspection is imminent.