Properties already unoccupied prior to the outbreak of Covid 19 are still subject to the insurers policy terms and conditions.  If the current Government restrictions mean that you are unable to comply with any conditions applicable to your policy, please contact us to discuss further as some insurers appreciate that these may be difficult to comply with as long as the official Government closures and restrictions apply.

If your property has become unoccupied, or you are no longer trading from your premises as a result of Covid 19, there will be terms and conditions listed in your policy which insurers would normally expect you to comply with.  However, due to the current situation some insurers are relaxing some or all of these so, in the first instance, please contact us in order that we may provide further guidance and advice.

Vehicles now being used for NHS  voluntary workmany insurers are able to extend policy cover to accommodate this so please contact us if this is something you are planning to do.

Business models extended to provide delivery services – Insurers understand that business models may be changed to offer delivery or takeaway services.  As long as vehicles are already on the policy then some insurers will provide this cover (subject to government guidelines being followed).  If this is something you are planning to do please contact us.

Due to continuing high call volumes, in the first instance please email your normal Account Handler or Account Executive or alternatively, email