As the nights get darker, it is common to see an increase in burglaries especially over Halloween and on Bonfire Night as householders are typically out at displays or parties. To compound this, the burglar also has the cover of darkness and loud noises and so can often go unnoticed.

Whilst the overall number of break-ins has reduced in the UK, in recent years we have seen an increase in professional gangs specifically targeting gold and jewellery due to their increase in value following the financial crisis. There are some security precautions that can be taken to prevent theft:

• Make sure all doors (including internal doors) and windows are closed and locked when you leave the home, even for a short time – a poll by the Halifax found that 64% of householders confessed to occasionally leaving doors unlocked whilst away from home

• Don’t leave spare keys under plant pots, the door mat or in the door lock – burglars will look for these

• Leave a radio or television on along with some lights to give the appearance of occupancy if you’re only away for a short time. If it’s dark, also close the curtains so that potential thieves cannot see inside

• Remove all portable items such as laptops, tablets and valuables and keep them out of sight when you are away from the home (the Office of National Statistics figures for 2011-2012 show that burglars target mobile phones during robberies rather than wallets and cash)

• Consider using an ultraviolet pen to mark possessions with a unique identifier such as your house number. Alternatively there are several security marking products available – please give us a call should you require any advice or guidance

• Take photographs of any antiques, sliver, ceramics, jewellery etc. along with any unique identifying marks that will assist in their recovery if the worst happens

If you would like any further advice or guidance please contact us